What’s new in the White Lotus World

What’s new in the White Lotus World

How White Lotus Came To Be

When I first started White Lotus, way back in January 2020, I had no idea what the future would hold. I was taking classes to become a personal trainer, a transformation specialist, and a sports nutritionist. I was so excited and ready for this change.

And then everything came to a grinding halt.

I’d love to say that at the height of the pandemic I continued working out, got super buff, and switched my practice to online. I’d love to say that I didn’t eat at every restaurant in my town, and drink entirely too much alcohol. (Hey, I was supporting small local businesses!)

I can’t say any of those things though. I gained just over 60lbs. I fell into a deep depression. I lost so many friends I’ve lost count. I was so stressed out. When you have chronic illnesses, like I do, a global pandemic is scary because if you catch the virus, your chances of dying are much higher.

So here I am, fully vaccinated, and finally getting back on the path my soul is destined to travel. I’ve lost just over 30lbs. I have 25 more to go in order to be at my pre-pandemic weight. I have 35 to go to reach my goal weight…but at this point that’s just a number on a scale. I want to feel healthy again. I want to help others feel healthy and happy.

So that’s how White Lotus came in to existence. Its my dream to help others, and this is the physical fruition of that dream. I may not be the thinnest, but I’m a great yoga teacher. I may have lived a crazy life, but that just makes me a better life coach. So if you’re looking to healthy, join me on this amazing journey!

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