About White Lotus

At White Lotus, we want you to live the most fulfilling life you can!

White Lotus is dedicated to helping people’s minds, bodies, and spirits. It is a soul lead company that has compassion for our fellow human as we walk through life together.

White Lotus offers a variety of services, including yoga classes, guided meditation, life, career, and nutrition/fitness coaching, as well as weekend retreats in the Rocky Mountains. In addition, we have products for sale, including calming sprays, yoga mat cleaner, yoga mats and accessories, and so much more. (This page is still under construction!)

Our passion, our sweet spot, is helping stay-at-home mothers who are about to become empty-nesters, and are trying to figure out where they go now. We have amazing coaching packages set up to help you with all aspects of this transition in your life. And we know exactly where you are, and how you feel because we’ve been there too! Let White Lotus help you through this wondrous, exciting, and uncertain, time.

Jenni Hackworth - CEO of White Lotus

About Jenni – The Beautiful Soul Behind White Lotus

Jenni has had a passion for faith, fitness, and family for decades. She started teaching yoga classes in 1998, but left that studio to raise her children full time. Jenni was a stay at home mom for almost 20 years, and when her youngest entered his senior of high school, at the onset of the global pandemic, she began to have…let’s call it an existential crisis, lol! Jenni realized she no longer had any idea who she was, or what she was going to do. She joined a gym and fell back in love with fitness. Sadly, because of the pandemic, the gym closed. Jenni started taking classes through ISSA, and got certified as a personal trainer, transformation specialist, and nutritionist/sports nutritionist. She also remembered how much she loved yoga, so she started her 200 hour yoga teaching certificate with Yogamu in India. Lastly, Jenni also got her NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) certification.

All this fitness training, in addition to her life experience and NLP certification, make Jenni uniquely qualified to not only teach fitness/yoga classes, but to offer life coaching, career coaching, and so much more!

So whether you want to lose weight (they call it the Covid-15, but we’re pretty sure it was more like Covid-30…) or you need a sounding board, and guide, to help usher you into a new phase of your life, we’re here for you! Check out all of the services we offer today!